Using Comics in the Classroom

Using comics or graphic novels in your teaching is another way to keep your students motivated. Reluctant readers tend to get excited over using comics because comics don't require much writing. Students can be imaginative in their writing and creative in their choice of characters and props. This is an excellent article about using comics in the classroom.

1. Comic Life - Students can actually use their own photos and create captions for each. The layout actually looks like a page out of a comic book. It's so easy to use; you just drag and drop. There lots of options compared to other online comic applications. And, students can use Comic Life for Language Arts, Social Studies and even Science. The basic version is free through Softonic. The upgraded version Comic Life 3 costs $29.99.

2. Comic Creator - Comic Creator is by Read Write Think. It's very simple to use and features are limited. Students can print their comics in black and white. Students decide on their panel and then add the graphics that are provided. They can select props, backgrounds, bubbles and people. Comic Creator is free.

3. - This application has a few more options than Comic Creator. Students can add color to their backgrounds and choose the number of panels. Students can rotate objects, adjust the size in this application. New characters and scenes have been added. There are more selections in this application than Comic Creator. MakeBeliefsComics is free and students can print their products.

4. ToonDoo - This comic creator is in color. Students can actually save their work and come back to finish their book. This application requires a free account. There are lots of options in ToonDoo. I love it.

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