Summer Blog Party Kick Off Hop

I've joined my friends with The Reading Crew for the Summer Blog Party Kick Off Hop. Because we want your students to continue learning throughout the summer, we're sharing ideas and products for summer reading and writing. 

Summer is a great time for students to continue working on skills in writing. With all the activities going on, it's so easy to find topics for writing.
1. Encourage your students to keep a journal throughout the summer. This will also give them something to do during down times each day. Students can write about "Small Moments." Journaling is a wonderful way for young writers to express their feeling in a nonjudgemental environment. My granddaughter keeps her journal with her every day. Harper loves having a key to lock her journal. (Even though she loses the key all the time!) This journal on Amazon has space for drawing, too.

2. Keep a travel journal while on vacation. Write about favorite sites, food, culture, weather, facts and experiences each day of the trip. Journals can be purchased for places all over the world. Or, why not create your own. Take a look at my travel journal you can find in my TPT store. 

3. Write summaries from summer reading. Write about books that are read during the summer. Write about the characters, personal connections, main idea and sequencing.

4. Write letters to friends and relatives. People are getting out of the habit of writing letters because of email. I love receiving handwritten letters and cards from friends and family. Purchase some cute cards or stationery that would motivate writing.

5. There are great apps and websites that focus on writing. These websites and apps have cute graphics and settings that help stimulate writing. I love Storybird, Story Jumper and ZooBurst. In the App Store, you'll find Storybook Maker, Toontastic, and Sock Puppets

5. Provide writing prompts for summer writing. I have a FREEBIE just for you filled with summer writing prompts and apps and websites for writing. Just click on the image below to grab your free product.


  1. These are great writing prompts! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. What great suggestions! I just love your post, Sandy! Thanks for joining in. I'm heading over to leave feedback for you now too!

    1. Thank you, Carla. I hopping over to your post now.

  3. Sandy,
    You have some great writing ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    That Literacy Blog

  4. I just love this post! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great ideas! My niece as well as second graders LOVE the toontastic app!

    Literacy Spark

    1. I love Toontastic! Thank you, Jessica. Hope all is well in Houston.

  6. So many creative ideas! I love your vacation journal. Last year my 7 yr old collected pamphlets and photos and made a lap book after we came home. The journal would have been great to take along on our trip. Thanks so much!

    1. I'm sending the journal with my granddaughter on her trip to San Diego. Can't wait to see her completed journal. Your 7 year-old had great ideas.


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