What's New for Sweet Integrations?

It's that time of year again! Some of you have already begun your new year. Many of you may even be teaching a new grade level. I've been busy creating products for your classroom to make your year a little easier.  Take a look at what's new at Sweet Integrations.

Beginning of the Year

1. Back to School Editable PowerPoint - Great for the first day of school and Parents' Night. You can add your own text.
2. Skittles and All About Me - Get students involved from Day 1 with these crafts and hands-on activities.
3. Read the Name Jar - Students will love this book and develop discussions about their names and how they may feel different.

Project-Based Learning

I love for students to learn through real-life experiences. My project-based learning units incorporate 21st Century Skills as students master standards in math, writing and reading.


I love all of the selections of mystery books available for young readers. I've also provided posters and graphic organizers as students learn about this genre.


I say BUNDLE UP AND SAVE! I've bundled and discounted my math games, graphic organizers, project-based learning units and life cycles. 

Look for these units when you visit my store. 

Make sure to drop by during TPT's HUGE Back to School Sale on August 3-4. Type "BTS15" at checkout to receive your discount.

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