Monsters in the Classroom

Monsters in the Classroom.

One of my favorite activities to do in October is to have my students draw Shape Monsters. Students love this activity. And, it can be implemented into any elementary classroom. I've provided several website applications and a fun app that can be used to create the shape monsters. All are very easy to use.

1. Polygon Playground - Students can use all sorts of sizes of polygons to create pictures. Just drag and place the shapes. Students can even create fun patterns with the shapes. Print them and students can write about their shape monster.

Monsters in the Classroom - Polygon Playground

2. Shape Tool and Patch Tool - I love these online applications because the shapes can be rotated, enlarged, mirrored and glued together. Patch Tool is a little different. Students can try to copy designs.
Monsters in the Classroom - Shape Tool

Monsters in the classroom - Patch Tool

3. Art Lab - Art Lab is a fun app that students can use to create shape monsters. There's a tutorial available when students open the app. There are so many different ways this app can be used.

Art Lab

4. I would recommend introducing the lesson with these books. I've created a PowerPoint to go along with Go Away Big Green Monster. Students can even draw their own version of the Green Monster.

Monster Books

Go Away Big Green Monster

Go Away Big Green Monster

If you would like more activities to go along with the these, just go to my website and purchase this fun product. 
Monsters Do Exist Poem

Monsters Have Feelings printable
Monster Writing Prompts

To a little more to your unit on monsters, drop over to 123homeschool4me for a slime recipe. Your students will love it. Just look at how the button eyes made a difference.

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