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Turkey in Disguise Using the App PicCollage

Try a different way of teaching the activity Turkey in Disguise. Students can use the app PicCollage to disguise the turkey.

After reading the favorite read-aloud Thanksgiving book Turkey in Trouble by Wendi Silvano, students can complete the fun Turkey in Disguise activity. Turkey in Trouble sets up the activity with the turkey trying to disguise himself as another animal so he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving. I've seen classes product the cutest art projects using a turkey template. But, this activity is a little different. Students will use the app Pic Collage to create their own Turkey in Disguise.


How to Improve Math Skills With Real-World Activities

Real-World Math activities with restaurant menus for your math centers; Your students can learn how to calculate orders, estimate, use a spreadsheet and more.

How many times have you heard your students say, "When will I ever need to use this?" Well, give your students an opportunity to work real-world math problems. If you have read any of my blog posts on project based learning, I love engaging students in real-life situations. Teaching math using restaurant menus is a fun way for your students to add or subtract decimals (or money) and work multi-step word problems. Plus, when they go to restaurants with their parents, students can help figure out the bill!


Fall Activities With "Sophie's Squash" and Freebie

Get your free activities to go along with the book Sophie's Squash. Your students will love this sweet book and learn about life cycles.

If you haven't read Sophie's Squash, I highly recommend it. This Ezra Jack Keats Honor Book is the sweetest book about a little girl who finds a new friend... a squash. There are several life lessons your can learn when reading Sophie's Squash.

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