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Apps for Setting Project Based Learning Goals

For setting project based learning goals, I recommend several including Mindmeister, Popplet, Idea Sketch, and Simple Mind. This blog post highlights using Simple Mind for Mindmapping. I've included a sample as students learn how to use the app.

If you're like me, every year my goal or New Year's Resolution is to lose weight and spend less money. Even though these are great goals for me to achieve, I need an organized, systematic way to achieve my goals. And, setting goals helps me with short term and long term motivation. After I decide on my achievable goals, I need to decide what tasks I need to complete in order to achieve these goals.


Random "Apps" of Kindness

Students can show random "apps" of kindness with these fun apps. I've provided different apps with ideas to go with each.

Teaching your students different ways of showing acts of kindness is important in character development. Today, with the emphasis on anti-bullying, there are many ways for students to do good deeds to show empathy, appreciation, and display a caring attitude toward others.


Using Mentor Text to Study Folktales

This post is about using mentor text to learn about folktales from other cultures. The Polar Bear Son is a beautiful tale that I've used as an example. Freebie included.

The Inuit people inhabited the Arctic regions of Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, and Canada. During the long, dark winters, families would play games and tell stories. The stories were about animals, strong hunters, and the supernatural. The Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Taleretold and illustrated by Lydia Dabcovich, is a story that has been handed down for generations. It's a tale about an old woman who finds a polar bear cub and raises it as her son. Even though the old woman sends the polar bear away, he remains faithful by continuing to supply her food.

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