Cyber Safety - Keeping Our Kids Safe Online and Cyberbullying

Keeping our students safe online is as important as keeping them safe on the playground. This is an important unit to be taught in all schools; including the classrooms and computer labs.

In this unit I've included activities for online safety and cyberbullying. The activities cover all lower grade levels. For the younger students, teachers can go over the activities as a whole group.Students meet Cyber Sam who is Sheriff of the Internet. He is going to tell them how to keep safe on the Internet.

I've provided the following activities:
- Three cyber Safety posters for the classroom
- Slideshow including videos and 3 scenarios of “What Would You Do?”
- Memory – Match terms with definitions
- Cyber Safety Pledge
- Cyber Sheriff Badges
- Word Wall Words
- Cyberbullying poster
- Venn diagram – Compare and contrast online bullying and playground bullying
- Write your own situation of cyberbullying
- Write or draw positive ways to leave your digital footprint
- Task cards (4) – comics, poster, cyber safety websites,
cyberbullying websites
- Websites and recommended books

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