Chinese New Year - Connecting With Family

While doing research for my Chinese New Year unit, I learned some interesting facts and traditions about the celebration.

- Chinese New Year festivities last for 15 days.
- It begins on the first day of the new year of the Chinese calendar
- Before the celebration, homes are cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the bad fortune and bring in good luck. Homes and markets are decorated in the traditional red colors, lanterns, etc.
- On New Year's Eve, families get together for a traditional feast. Family members who have moved away make sure to come home to be be together. It is a time to pay respect to elder family members. Younger children visit their elderly relatives.
- After the New Year's Eve dinner, firecrackers are exploded to drive out evil.
- Children are given red packets filled with coins from their parents or older relatives for health and long living.

I love family traditions and I love to learn about other cultures. I appreciate the importance of family in the Chinese culture. I hope the younger generation continues this wonderful tradition on Chinese New ear.

If you want your students to learn about Chinese New Year, just click on the image above. I've created a great Powerpoint, a min-book and other activities.

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