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I created my first lapbook product. It was so much fun to create but a little time-consuming. I now see why students and teachers enjoy using lapbooks and interactive notebooks. I think students will remember the information when they are more involved in their learning.

I started doing a little research to actually see what type of products are out there for people to purchase.  I saw some for math, some covering specific CCSS, science units, books, map skills, social studies and so much more. Since I just finished a unit on Texas, I decided I would work on a lapbook project about the state of Texas and provide generic templates for symbols and facts about other states.

I do recommend using templates by a few clipart artists. "Graphics From the Pond" has templates with different designs. I used her stitched templates to show a denim look. I also recommend "Candy Class". She has tons of designs and she provides visual directions with photographs. I did try to create a few of my own templates which actually turned out pretty well.

So, I purchased a package of colored folders. I love using the bright colors and I think students will also.  I've seen lapbook projects where the templates are printed out in bright colors. If you do that, I would use a neutral colored folders. If you are going to do a lapbook project, I recommend you go all out so the students really enjoy their time spent working on it.

These are a few of the photos of my project. Color your templates and add your text before gluing them to your folder. And, make sure to arrange your templates around your folder before gluing. Some teachers add use the same outside covers so there's consistency. Then, they can use their creativity on the inside. I put graphics on some of the templates for the students to color. My generic templates only have the text.

Choose templates that are different shapes and open different ways.

You can have a generic cover for the students or they can create their own. And, notice the difference on the inside after I added more clipart as filler. It looks so much better. Pixbay has free public domain photographs, which would be perfect to use in adding a bit more to the lapbooks.

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