From Lemons to Lemonade: Making the Most of Your Summer

I was driving down the street when I saw my neighbor's children selling lemonade and cookies. I couldn't help but stop and buy some delicious raspberry lemonade. They were so professional in asking which size I wanted and giving me the cost of my purchase. This made me think of selling lemonade as the foundation of entrepreneurship and learning about economics.

Besides having fun with friends selling lemonade and visiting with customers, parents can talk about the cost of buying the items needed and profit. This is also a wonderful way of giving back or donating profits to a worthy organization or charity. Our local elementary challenged the students to earn money for a fundraiser the school was having. The money was then donated to a local charity.

I have several units on economics and entrepreneurship that teach the basics in starting a business. I include vocabulary, PowerPoints, templates for brochures and flyers and other activities for young entrepreneurs. These are some of my top selling products.

This product is great for upper elementary. Students develop their own business plan.

Everyone love chocolate. This product is fun for all elementary grade levels. Students can create their own chocolate bar, store front and invite parents to their chocolate party!

For extra practice with money, students can work the problems and check them by scanning the QR codes. And, they can design their own lemonade stand. 

I love the app "How to Make Lemonade." It's a cute how-to book. Or, try the Lemonade Stand simulation that my students absolutely love. This is on the Primary Games website.

I hope you and your students enjoy your summer with some cool lemonade!


  1. This is fantastic, Sandy! I am pinning this for next spring!

  2. Thanks, Carla. That makes me feel good coming from you! You set the bar for quality products.

  3. I'm agreeing with Sandy. These products are very good quality and very relevant.


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