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Begin the year with this FREEBIE from my Math Games Print, Cut, Go product.
Students love to play games. And, these two math games are perfect in setting up your math activity centers. The games require very little instruction so you can teach other small groups while students are playing the games.

In appreciation to all my blogger friends, click on these images below to grab your free product. You need to go over the instructions with the students to introduce the games. That's it! So easy for students to play! All you need is dice. I always recommend laminating the games so you can use them over again. And, use an erasable marker so students can write their numbers on the cards. Bushel of Apples gives practice with addition and subtraction. They are also using doubles in this activity.

Students use strategy in Fill Your Basket along with addition. It's fun for any grade level. Notice that I've included a variation for this game.

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Looking for more activities about apples? This product has a great PowerPoint about the life cycle of the apple and the life of Johnny Appleseed. It also contains other fun hands-on activities for your students to enjoy. And, if you purchase it from my blog, you can receive a discounted price.

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