Pumpkin Time - Fun Activities With Pumpkins

There's so many fun activities you can do with pumpkins in your classroom. Just purchase four or five small pumpkins for your classroom and try some of the following activities.

Use the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins to use as counters for math problems. I created a Pumpkin Math Mat where students can count the pumpkin seeds as they create their addition and subtraction problems. The students love working with the pumpkin seeds. You can even used baked pumpkin seeds and the students can eat them after the activity.

Allow the students to spend time making observations about the pumpkin. Using their senses, they can write a few sentences about their observations. Have a bowl of water available so students can see if their pumpkin will sink or float.

Another fun activity is making predictions with pumpkins. Students can make predictions about the pumpkin's weight, circumference, height and number of ribs. This activity can be done as a whole group with the the teacher demonstrating with one large pumpkin or divide students into groups using smaller pumpkins.

The last activity is writing directions for actually carving the pumpkin. I would recommend that students write out their directions and the teacher can choose one student's directions demonstrate. Then, do the activity as a whole group. The students can rewrite their directions on a new sheet and compare their writings. I have two sheets in writing the directions. One of them has a visual with it.
You can get these free on my blog today. Just follow my blog and enjoy these activities.

With today being Thematic Thursday, I've shared some books, my activities and fun links. These links are online pumpkin carving activities. I've even created a link for the iPad.



Click on the pumpkin below to grab your freebie.

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