Thematic Thursday - Reindeer Theme

It's Thematic Thursday. Today's theme is reindeer. I'm going to share some of my favorite books, ideas and activities and links to fun sites.

1. Books

One of my favorite books by Jan Brett is "Wild Christmas Reindeer". Teeka is chosen by Santa to round up the reindeer for Christmas Eve. Through working with out of control reindeer, she soon learns how to be patient and gentle to get them to mind. I love the illustrations that Jan Brett has in her books.

Another beautiful book is called Reindeer Christmas byMark Kimball Mouton and Karen Hillard Good. This book is about two young children and their grandmother finding a weak deer in the forest.   After caring for the poor deer back to health, the deer disapppears before sunrise Christmas morning. An extra gift awaits for them under the tree. I just purchased this book for my granddaughter.

2. Ideas and Activities

I have another reindeer product that has an informational text PowerPoint about reindeer and lots of activities to go with it. Drop by Michael's to purchase foam reindeer for your students to decorate and hang in the classroom. And, don't forget your reindeer food and reindeer nose and antlers. Take a picture of your students with their red nose and antlers on. Students can even write about their favorite reindeer. 

Click on the image below to get your free reindeer food directions and labels.

3. Links

To learn about reindeer visit the San Diego Zoo website.

And, make sure to visit Santa's Reindeer Cam.

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Now, link back to Carla at Comprehension Connection.

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  1. I didn't mention that I used your Reindeer facts and activities set with the kids this week because I knew you were linking up. I loved it. The powerpoint was fantastic. (that was the part we used with research). Thanks for linking up, Sandy!


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