Appy Monday

Hi Friends. I'm joining Tech With Jen and other fabulous bloggers to share ideas for apps in your classroom. I don't know about you, but I'm learning so much about apps that I didn't know even existed.

Today, I'm going to share a fun app called Chicktionary. With spring and Easter coming soon, I thought this free app would be perfect with the chicken theme. The free app contains 100 different puzzles, then more puzzles can be unlocked for $1.99.

I absolutely love the graphics in this game! Players try to unscramble the words and form as many words as they can within a certain time period. There are different levels of play. This game is not just for younger children. It can get challenging!

Different colorful themes are used with the chicken's dress.

Students can select their mode of play.

Just click on the letters in order and create words. If the word is correct, it will show up in the list above. If incorrect, the chickens share and you continue to play. Longer words are worth more points.

For younger students, select "Beak Sneak" so one letter shows up in the words above. It really helps. (At least it did for me!)

I use this app with my Chicken LifeCycle Unit.

The online version is called Fowl Words.


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