Don't Worry Be "Appy"

I hope you're enjoying learning about all of these amazing apps you can use in your classroom and for productivity. There are so many apps available in so many subject areas. My favorite apps last week were the poetry apps and Write About This. Many thanks to Tech With Jen for organizing this link-up.

Today, I'm going share an app that is also a website application. Zooburst is a storytelling tool that allows students to create 3-D pop-up books. Zooburst can be used for students to creatively express themselves or used for projects in different subject areas. The app is free but the teachers have to purchase a subscription for students if they choose to to use the online application.

With the ZooBurst iPad app students can  “scan” for special “Story Codes” that lets them easily attach a ZooBurst book onto any item inside or outside, such as a class bulletin board, parent newsletter, card or a printed textbook.

Here's a video that gives an example of augmented reality with the story codes. (This video was a sneak peak of the mobile app.)


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