Student Entrepreneurs - BeeSweet Lemonade

Do you remember having a lemonade stand with your neighborhood friends when you were a child? Well, one of my former students did just that and turned it into a thriving business.

Ten year-old Mikala Ulmer took her great-grandmother's lemonade recipe and entered a children's business competition. From there BeeSweet Lemonade was born. Mikala sweetens the flaxseed lemonade with local honey. This also sparked her fascination with bees and their ecosystem. Mikala donates part of her profits to help save honeybees and donates her time to educate students on the importance of bees. 


Tonight I watched Mikala present her business on Shark Tank. I was so impressed at how poised she was and her knowledge of running a business. And, Dameon invested $60,000 in her business! I love the fact that she's an entrepreneur and she is giving back.


Visit Mikala's website and learn more about this outstanding student entrepreneur.

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  1. I actually saw her on the episode on Friday. I thought she was adorable, intelligent and so well poised indeed. It was impressive to see. How amazing to think that she was your student. =) What a pleasure it must have been to have her in your class.


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