Mega Social Studies Bundle Sale

Our Mega Bundle Sale begins tomorrow, October 3 - 10. You have the opportunity to purchase amazing Social Studies resource bundles for $20. Over 200 activities and lessons worth more than $1000, can be yours. 

Elementary Social Studies Bundle (Grades 3-5)

As students get older, they are ready to learn more complex topics. With this bundle, students will learn about protest movements, history headlines, the Constitution, and national parks. Furthermore, students will read nonfiction reading passages, practice map skills, and learn to protect the environment. Truly, there is an entire year's worth of activities included in order to ensure students learn all about history with over $400 of products. Even better, the entire bundle only costs $20! 

Elementary Social Studies Bundle (Grades K-2)

As students start to understand the importance of a strong community, they are ready to learn where this originated from. Thus, students will learn about different communities, responsible decision making, and teamwork. Additionally, students will learn connections between the past and present and how to read basic components of a map. There are so many activities included that will last throughout the entire year! As above, the entire bundle is only $20! 

SUPER Elementary Bundle 

Many teachers are responsible for multiple grade levels. Therefore, there is so much to prep! In order to best meet the needs of all teachers, you can buy both elementary bundles for only $35! 

When buying the  Social Studies Super Bundles for a HUGE discount, tremendous stress will be lifted from your plate! Since over 45 sellers came together to create these incredible bundles, they won’t be around for long. You can save hundreds of dollars and hours of time. Grab it from October 3rd through October 10th at 11:59 PM only. This is a one-time opportunity, so be sure not to miss out!

My products are included in the Elementary Super Bundle!

🍎INTERACTIVE MAP SKILLS: This interactive mapping resource includes a slideshow, map grids, questions on reading maps, and fun map creation activities. No extra materials are needed and there are lots of opportunities for differentiation. Click HERE to grab it!

💥 DAY OF THE DEAD DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM: Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos is a celebration in Mexico and parts of the United States. It's celebrated the day after Halloween. This Day of the Dead Digital Escape Room offers information about this cultural celebration. No paper and pencil to worry about and NO PREP! Digital Escape Rooms Involve team-building, collaboration, and communication among students. Click HERE to grab it!

🌎 NATIONAL PARKS PROJECT BASED LEARNING UNIT: Your students are going to visit a national park in the United States. They will have to travel to the state of the national park, stay in a hotel or campsite, and pay for the cost of meals. In this PBL unit, students can view a PowerPoint of popular National Parks to help decide which ones to research. Are you still virtual? No problem...I've also provided a digital version. All the information can be saved in Google Classroom. Click HERE to grab it!

🌟 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM: Your class has taken a trip to Washington D.C. to visit our nation's capitol and learn about the Branches of Government. In the digital escape room, students solve a series of puzzles, quizzes, and read passages to break open the locks. Digital Escape Rooms enable students to think critically and problem-solve. NO PREP! Click HERE to grab it!

My four products are valued at $25. Just think, you can get over 200 resources for only $20.

Beginning tomorrow, use my affiliate link when making your purchase. Click HERE.

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