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Teaching Characterization With The Most Magnificent Thing

I've joined fellow bloggers from the Reading Crew to Build a Love of Reading With Mentor Text. Each one of us has selected a book to share along with a skill to teach. In my post, you'll learn how to use Pic Collage Kids (PicKids) in teaching Characterization With The Most Magnificent Thing. Plus, I have a freebie you can download.

Teaching characterization does NOT have to be a challenge with the ideas & FREE download presented here. Plus your elementary students will utilize technology, which increases engagement. Use these activities with your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade classroom or home school students. Teaching the reading skill of character traits will be a breeze. Plus the step by step directions included make this an easy lesson plan. Click through to learn more! {second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth graders}

Donating to Hurricane Harvey Relief - Proud to Be a Texan

Even though I was born and raised in Louisiana, Texas is my home. Both of my girls were born here in Austin and most of my years of teaching were here in Texas. And, my husband's family lives in Houston and Beaumont. So, you can understand the personal impact this disaster has had on our family. As I look at ways people have been Donating to Hurricane Harvey Relief, it makes me so proud to be a Texan.

We all know how devastating and deadly Hurricane Harvey was in Texas in 2017, so now it's our chance to help our Texan friends! Find out how this one proud Texan teacher is watching her community support the relief efforts in multiple ways. You may find ideas you could do in your own classroom or community. Click through now to for donating inspiration or links to help rebuild!

Incorporating STEM and STEAM into Project Based Learning With FREEBIE

When planning a project based learning unit, there are so many elements that you want and need to cover. Most importantly, you want to make sure your standards are infused in a meaningful way. Are you also feeling pressure to try STEM or STEAM activities in your classroom? Why don't you try incorporating STEM and STEAM into Project Based Learning? 

Incorporating STEM and STEAM into project based learning can be a breeze with the FREE download provided here. It's perfect for your upper elementary 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade classroom or home school students. Click through to see how PBL can easily be integrated into your STEM or STEAM projects and activities. Plus make sure to grab the freebie that meshes the two components.

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