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During this unprecedented time, we are concerned about the educational and emotional welfare of our children. Now that school is out in most states, all of us want our students to continue learning in a fun and engaging way. In this blog post, I've provided some FREE Digital Resources for Your Students to Use at Home.
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Tips For Implementing Meaningful Project Based Learning Units at Home

During this time of uncertainty, it's so important for our children to continue their normal routine. We don't know when our children will return to the classroom. In fact, they may not even return this year. In this post I'm going to provide you with some Engaging Project Based Learning Units you can do at home. This information is good for parents and teachers. During this critical time, we all have different needs. Please let me know how I can help you through my resources. I will also continue to share resources I come across that you can use at home. 

Tips for implementing meaningful pbl at home

Preparing Our Teachers for Online Learning

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Many schools have their Learning Management System (LMS) in place. If you do, I'm sure you're working with your school to be prepared for closings due to unpredictable situations.
I have some resources for you, so you can be prepared for the future.
  • TechLearning has a great article on selecting the best digital tools for your school. This article provides free learning management systems, ways to deliver lessons, educational resources, and tools for collaboration and interaction. I highly recommend this article.
  • Shake-Up Learning by Kasey Bell, has an article on apps that integrate with Google Classroom.
  • Study All Knight - My friend Danielle, has provided excellent information for E-Learning Days.

Three of my favorite online resources are:
  • EdPuzzle - Students watch videos which can be controlled by the teacher. Teachers can add questions during the informational videos, add information for further explanation, and vocabulary. You can even add your voice for narration. This is an engaging way to track your students' comprehension.
  • Newsela - This online resource is another favorite way to check comprehension and provide students with articles on current events in the content areas. The content is aligned with standards and lessons can be differentiated.
  • Quizizz - This resources provides meaningful quizzes on every subject. Just find one that relates to your skill or create your own quiz. Students work at their own pace and get immediate feedback.
  • ScreenCastify - If you need to give students a tutorial of the skill or the activity itself, try using ScreenCastify. It's so easy to use and you can add your voice and webcam for the best interaction. This FREE screen recorder is for Google Chrome and so easy to install.

FREE Activities from Me
( Remember, any products you download can be added to your LMS. Just download the PDF and save it. Export the slides as images. Then, upload the slides to your LMS to create the assignment.)
For more Digital Activities, CLICK HERE.

During the unpredictable times when students have to learn from home, it's important for schools and teachers to be prepared for remote learning. I've provided tips and resources for E-Learning Days.

Teaching Deep Thinking With Drawing Conclusions

Sometimes you have to encourage your students to be detectives to dig deeper in order to find ideas that the author doesn't put in the text. Readers look for clues in the text which help them understand the story. Readers look for facts and details to determine what the author is telling them. In this post, I'm going to share some fun activities for Teaching Deep Thinking With Drawing Conclusions

My friends with The Reading Crew and I will share ideas and tips for Teaching Deep Thinking. You can download  FREE resources and enter to win $20 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards. 

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