Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Digital Fractions Activities

Fractions can be difficult to teach and sometimes hard for your students to understand. I often see that students just need extra practice. In this post, I've included some fun activities that will keep your students engaged and better understand the skills. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Digital Fractions Activities that your students will love.

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Teaching Theme With The Magic of Friendship Snow

Making friends can sometimes be difficult for children and even adults. This beautiful book The Magic of Friendship Snow, conveys how friendships are magical, unique and special; just like a snowflake. This beautifully illustrated book sends a message about kindness, acceptance, and challenges in society.

I'm joining my friends from The Reading Crew for a Winter Linkup. We're sharing some of our favorite winter books and lessons to go along with each book. 

Using Google Slides With Interactive Math Practice

I'm a huge fan of PowerPoint. In fact, I continue to use it as I design resources for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. With the current focus on distance learning, Google Slides and other Google apps have become the popular applications to use. You have the ability to share, edit, and collaborate. In this blog post, I'll share how you can Use Google Slides With Interactive Math Practice.

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How to Use Google Tour Creator With Digital Escape Rooms

Google Tour Creator is one of my favorite Google applications. You can integrate your VR tour in so many different ways into your curriculum...language arts, science, social studies. Students are able to become immersed into the activity and feel like they are actually there! I have a new way to infuse Google Tour Creator. In this post, I'm going to explain How to Use Google Tour Creator With Digital Escape Rooms. Plus, you don't need VR goggles.

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