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It's hard to believe it's almost time for the new school year. I've joined my teacher blogger friends with The Reading Crew to help make Back to School Easy for You. We have a FREE Back to School eBook filled with activities that are perfect for the beginning of the year. 

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Review Skills With Digital Escape Rooms

Do you want to end the year on a positive note with your students? To keep them engaged and still learning, try Reviewing Skills With Digital Escape Rooms. Each activity in the escape can review academic or problem-solving skills. 

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Digital Escape Rooms engage, educate, and enhance learning. Any subject can be implemented into escape rooms. I have used them for science, social studies, math, language arts, and educational technology. You can even combine subject areas. I love them because they include 21st Century Learning Skills such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. If you're wanting to involve technology more in your classroom. Try infusing digital escape rooms into your curriculum.

Digital Escape Rooms:
  • Enhance team-building
  • Involve collaboration and communication
  • Provide a fun way to learn skills and content
  • Enable students to think critically and problem-solve
  • Include technology
  • Increase knowledge of important learning standards
  • Deepen learning because students want to actually find the information

In this post, I'm sharing an end of the year Digital Escape Room with a summer vacation theme. In this particular escape, I used Google Slides instead of Google Sites. The different activities to break open the locks link to reading passages, math activities, critical thinking and problem-solving activities. Your students can work independently, in pairs, or groups.

summer digital escape room

Lock #1

The first lock has a GIF of a butterfly which represents summer. Students click on the link to "Make a Copy" of the Google Slides Picture Reveal Activity. Students solve multiplication problems. When they answer a problem correctly, they will see a piece of the puzzle revealed. The answer to break open the lock is the quote on the picture.

lock #1

Lock #2

Students click on the image of flipflops to "Make a Copy" of the next Google Slides math activity. Students will see clipart of summer items and their costs. They will add the items in each problem and type the price in the boxes provided. Then, they will type the highest total price in the box provided. This is the answer to the next lock.
Lock #2

Lock #3

Students will click on the umbrella to go the next activity. They use their critical thinking skills. They will move the digital brush over the iPad. A message appears which is the next clue to break open the lock.
Lock #3
Lock #4

Students click on the sunflower image to read a passage about sunflowers. As they read, they will see directions (UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT) in bold print. This is the next clue to break open the lock. 
Lock #4
Lock #5

The last lock to open is a Google Sheets picture reveal. Students unscramble summer words. When a word is typed correctly in the cell, part of the picture is revealed. The order of the colors in the answer cells is the clue to break open the lock.
Lock #5

Google Form Locks

Students enter the clues to break open the locks. If a lock is incorrect, the student will not be able to complete the form.
Google for for locks

To purchase your Ready for Summer Digital Escape room, click HERE.

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Click on the image below to get your FREE digital escape room.

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Using Digital Comics to Motivate Reluctant Readers and Writers With Sample

Using comics or graphic novels in your teaching is a fun way to keep your students motivated. Reluctant readers and writers tend to get excited over using comics because comics writing is less intensive. Students can be imaginative in their writing and creative in their choice of characters and props. Using comics can even increase a student's vocabulary. Jennifer Haines wrote an excellent article about Teaching With Comics. In this post, I've provided ideas for Using Digital Comics to Motivate Reluctant Readers and Writers.

Using digital comics infused into your reading or writing curriculum is a great way to motivate your reluctant learners. The different online apps & websites listed here are great resources for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th grade classroom or home school students. It's a great way to bring technology into students' day. Science, social studies, & various ELA topics can all be covered depending on which technology component you use. {second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth graders, upper elementary}

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Digital Fractions Activities

Fractions can be difficult to teach and sometimes hard for your students to understand. I often see that students just need extra practice. In this post, I've included some fun activities that will keep your students engaged and better understand the skills. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Digital Fractions Activities that your students will love.

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