Thematic Thursday Penguins and Arctic Fun

It's Thematic Thursday and I'm joining my friend Carla with Comprehension Connections to share our ideas and resources about penguins. Penguins are the most interesting social animals. They feed, nest and travel in groups. Some of the rockeries consist of thousands of penguins, each with their own distinct call to find their mates or young. Today, I'm going to share some books, activities and ideas and links that are great resources for your penguin unit.

1. Books
Penguins! by Gail Gibbons - Everyone loves all of Gail Gibbons informational books. This book is recommended for grades 2-4 and focuses on the Emperor Penguin. It's easy to read and gives information about the penguin's habitat, characteristics and behavior.

Penguins! by Wayne Lynch - Wayne Lynch spent time with the penguins to take beautiful photographs and observe penguins in their habitat. I always recommend his books.

Pierre the Penguin by Jean Marzollo - I love this precious book because it's a true story. Pierre begins losing his feathers, therefore he losing his ability to stay warm. Pierre is an African Penguin at a zoo. A staff botanist comes up with a clever idea to save Pierre.

2. Activities and Ideas
I have two products on penguins filled with fun activities including a PowerPoint game, QR codes, gameboard and lapbook. AND, both of these products are on sale at my TPT store. Just click on images below.

3. Links
These sites about penguins and polar bears can be found on my Google site: - 

Drop by Comprehension Connection to learn more about penguins.


6 Elements in Reading With a Purpose

This blog post gives 6 elements in Reading With a Purpose. I've provided questions and examples for reading biographies.
With so many important events in January and February, I want students know about important people in history. This is also a time for students to learn about tolerance and how people have overcome handicaps or obstacles to reach goals or notarity. But, students need to know how to read these biographies with a purpose. They need to understand and interpret what they are reading.

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