Shadow Puppet App for Education

Shadow Puppet App

I love searching for apps I haven't come across before. I highly recommend Shadow Puppet because it comes in an educational version that works so well for any grade level. This app would be perfect for any type of subject area because students can include images on the subject, text and sound. Students can create videos to explain an idea, presentation of research, send a personal message or greeting, or tell a story.

When students open the app, they are immediately driven to a tutorial that takes them through the steps in creating a video. There are lots of choices of images and video clips. Students can even add video or images from their camera roll.

Images using Shadow Puppet

Ordering Images using Shadow Puppet

After students decide on the images or video clips they want to use, they can add text, music and voice narration. They can zoom and pan the images to give extra effects to the video. I almost forgot, students can even draw on the image. Click on the image below to watch a short video.

Video tutorial of Shadow Puppet

I like the fact that this app comes in an educational version. There are examples of student work and a teacher presentation giving facts about fish in a science lesson. 

Ideas for Using Shadow Puppet

I would love for you to share any ideas you may have. Download your free checklist and storyboard for use with Shadow Puppet. Click on an image below. Make additional copies of the storyboard if needed.

Shadow Puppet Project Checklist

Shadow Puppet Story Board Freebie

This app would be perfect to use with my new PBL unit. Students can produce a video about their country research. These can be shown at the holiday tea.

Project Based Learning - Holiday Tea

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