Don't Worry "Be Appy" Monday

Writing can be such a struggle for young learners. I try to come up with motivating topics for my students and I applications that are fun and easy to use on the iPad. I came across an app called Bookabi. The Texas Computer Association lists recommended apps to use in the classroom by grade level, by subject area and most of them are free. Bookabi is a free app. The storybooks can be created in 2D and 3D. I also like the fact that the images aren't restricted to the app. Images can be saved to the camera roll and imported from there.

How Can I Use Bookabi?

Bookabi can be used for personal narratives, writing fables or legends and for writing informational text. The uses are unlimited. I can imagine students writing about their experiences by adding their personal photos, backgrounds and even speech bubbles. After researching a topic, students can use Bookabi to transform their information into a story.

Bookabi Demo from Tamajii Inc on Vimeo.

What are some of the features?

The tools are so easy to use, your students can quickly figure out how to use the app.

On each page you can:
- Create an illustrated title page and individual pages to the story
- On each page you can add audio, backgrounds, text with different fonts, characters, objects and stickers
- My World - add your face to to the body of different characters

Try using Bookabi with ideas from this March Writing Prompt product that you can find in my store. Just click on the image below.


Thematic Thursday - Inventors, Inventions and Simple Machines

It's Thematic Thursday and I'm teaming up with Carla with Comprehension Connections to share our resources about famous inventors, inventions and simple machines. Teaching students about inventors, inventions and the invention process has always been one of my favorite units.


I love reading the amazing stories behind famous inventions. For example, Silly Putty was actually invented as synthetic rubber during World War II. There was a shortage of rubber because the military needed the rubber for tires, aircraft, boots, etc. and Japan had bombed the factories. The book Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Great Inventions by Don Wulffson shares more stories like Silly Putty.

For an excellent timeline about inventions, I recommend the book An Illustrated Timeline of Inventions and Inventors by Kremena T Spengler. The timeline goes back to the Egyptians.

Activities and Ideas

I want to share a couple of my favorite products about Inventions and Inventors. I have a complete unit called Inventor's Notebook. This unit takes the students through the invention process with problem-solving activities such as Scamper, Rube Goldberg activities, create a game and more. I've also provided pictures from our Invention Convention and website resources.

And, students can learn about famous inventors and their inventions with this unit. While learning about these famous people, they can watch a PowerPoint about the qualities of an inventor. I've also provided two reading passages to along with the unit.


Watch this fun video that's a great example of a Rube Goldberg Invention. This product was a first place winner!

For more ideas, hop over to Comprehension Connection.


"Be Appy" Monday

Hi Friends. I'm Sandy Cangelosi with Sweet Integrations. I'm joining Tech With Jen and other bloggers on "Be Appy Monday" to share new apps we recommend. I was recently researching apps for test preparation, when I came across a new app called ClassKick. ClassKick was just released this past fall by a team of engineers and teachers. It is thought to dramatically increase student learning by receiving immediate feedback from their teacher and collaboration with classmates.

1. Students get a Kick out of ClassKick

Students complete teacher-created assignments on a tablet workspace. Teachers can create their own worksheet, embed web content and add video or audio.

2. Teachers

Teachers can see the whole class working at once on his/her device and see how each individual student is performing. The students can work at their own pace.

3. Students

If a student needs help, he/she can ask for help privately on their device. The teacher can reteach a concept on the device so the whole class can see.  Or, a student can receive tutoring from another student in class. Students can even use this free app at home!

4. How Does it work?

After the teacher creates an account, there are several step-by step tutorial videos to watch before actually creating assignments. Teachers can then add their students to their roster. Screenshots can be added from your google drive, the web or images from your camera roll. Images can be cropped and rearranged to fit on the page. Text, audio and video can be added to the workspace and links to websites. Next, give students are given the class code so they can complete the assignment and so their instructor can view their work.

I can imagine so many uses for this new app. Teachers can use ClassKick for social studies, math skills, reading comprehension, and review for tests. I love how students can get immediate feedback and work closely with their classmates.

Watch this video to get an idea of how ClassKick works.

Click the InLinkz Link-up below to learn more about "Appy Monday" apps.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas Blog Hop

Welcome to the "Deep in the Heart of Texas" blog hop!  And, happy Valentines Day! Over 40 Texas teacher bloggers have joined together to share what we love about our state as well as ideas and freebies that we love.  You will also have the opportunity to enter to win TpT products and/or TpT gift certificates by entering using the rafflecopters included in each post.  

Hi Ya'll! Welcome to Austin...the best city in the USA! I'm Sandy Cangelosi and I live in the capital city of Texas.  I'm joining fellow Texas bloggers to share some of our favorite things we love about our towns and cities in Texas. 

1. Austin is unique 

We live by the slogan "Keep Austin Weird".  Drop by South Austin and visit all the wonderful food trucks and delicious places to eat. YUM!! Believe it or not, I'm actually in the picture.

2. The University of Texas 

UT offers so much to the community of Austin. We love sports so we follow Texas football and other UT sports teams. My brother is really an Arkansas fan. 

3. The Arts 

There are wonderful museums here in Austin. I went to the Harry Ransom Museum to see the "Gone With the Wind" exhibit. It was fabulous. Austin also offers Broadway plays, musicals, operas and ballets. 

4. Live Music Capital 

From the moment you get off the plane, you have the opportunity to experience the music of Austin. Come to Austin for Austin City Limits Festival and South by Southwest. 

5. Texas Education Computer Conference 

This 8,000 attendee computer conference is held every year here in Austin. This year, I had a booth with two other blogger friends. We had fun and made lots of connections.

6. BEST of ALL 

I met my husband here in Austin and have such wonderful friends and family here. My girls returned to Austin after graduating from college and culinary school. They couldn't stay away from the city they love.

TALL Texas Activity

I love creating interactive lapbooks. One of my favorites is my State Interactive Lapbook. This unit can also be used in interactive notebooks. I have templates for the state of Texas and generic templates for other states. Students love it! AND, it's on SALE during the blog hop!

Sweet Treat

With Valentines right around the corner, I'm sharing a fun FREE webhunt activity. Students can learn how to use search engines, skim and scan for information AND learn about chocolate. They can even graph their favorite chocolate treats. This activity is part of my elementary economics unit "The Chocolate Shop". I hope you enjoy your treat from Sweet Integrations. Drop by tomorrow for a different treat.

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3 Hands-On Activities President's Day

In this post, I've provided 3 different activities your students can do for President's Day. This includes a FREEBIE

President's Day is on Monday but there are so many different activities you can do this month about President Lincoln and President Washington and U.S. symbols. 

Candy Heart Valentine Activities

This Valentines, put your students to work with Valentine Candy. I've provided some fun activities with these old favorite candies. You can purchase a large bag of hearts or give each student their own box. 

1. Sorting Hearts and Math problems

2. Stack it and Graph it

3. Love Bug Dice Game

4. Write Valentine Sentences 
Use the message on the hearts to write sentences or a cute Valentines paragraph. Students can even pass their page and students can add on to the stories using their Valentines messages.

For your free activities, click on the image below. Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin for more ideas and tips for your classroom.

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