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Presidents Day

The month of February is filled with so many different holidays and celebrations including Black History Month, Ground Hogs Day, Chinese New Year, Presidents Day and Valentines Day. I believe February is a perfect time to teach biographies. There are so many important people that need to be recognized for their impact in our country's history. So, let's start with Presidents' Day.

How would your students like to be President for a Day? I've provided this free product that can easily be extended to be teacher for the day or principal for the day. In this mini-unit, students can learn about the duties of the president and research their favorite president. They can even hold a press conference and speak about an important issue of our nation.

There are some great websites to go along with this unit.

1. Enchanted Learning has lots of activities to go along with Presidents Day.  Make sure to scroll down for additional activities.
2. Enchanted Learning - How a President is Elected - Students can learn about the election process.
2. PBS Democracy Project has a simulation of President for a Day. There's only one drawback. It dates back to the previous election with Obama and Romney. Students will still enjoy the activity.
3. Scholastic has 11 activities for their unit If I Were President.

I'm sure you're familiar with the Judith Viorst poem, If I Were in Charge of the World. I created a version called If I Were President... Just make a few changes and students can create their own poem explaining what they would do as president. This version can be found in my paid version of Presidents Day.

If I Were In Charge of the World by Judith Viorst

If I Were President...

In this unit, President for a Day, students can discuss the qualities of the president. This can be done as a whole group or small groups. They can also discuss whether they would or would not like to be president and explain why. Another topic of discussion would be the most important issue or problem he/she would address as president.

President for a Day

President for a Day

President for a Day, activities for studying the duties of a president


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