Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reading, Writing, Math and More in New Orleans, Louisiana!

If you are attending the Reading, Writing, Math and More Conference in New Orleans and have been directed to my blog... Welcome! On my blog, I share tips and ideas about technology and other information about elementary education. I collaborate with other bloggers where you can learn more from other fantastic educators through bloghops and giveaways.

I hope you take time to read at some of the posts on my site. I recently presented with a fellow blogger , Nancy Alvarez,  at the Tots and Technology Conference in Galveston, Texas. Our session was about QR Codes and all the ways you can use them in your classroom. We also had a booth at the conference where we sold our most popular products from our stores.

As a curriculum designer, I'm working hard in getting the word out about my online resources that will transform your classroom. A group of TPT sellers and bloggers sent samples of our work, business cards, portfolios and freebies to share at the conference.

Click here to visit my TPT store. And, I'm having a sale! Enjoy 20% off during the conference. If you follow my store, you'll receive updates, upcoming sales, free products and new product information. I hope you enjoy New Orleans and the conference.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Digging Deeper With Inquiry: Preparing 21st Century Learners

As we prepare our students to be 21st Century learners, they are learning through many types of resources and media available at their fingertips. With hand-held devices, accessing information is instantaneous. These tools are part of students' everyday life with benefits and disadvantages. Students learn to dig deeper with inquiry learning.

As we prepare students to become 21st century learners, there are important skills they must learn in guided inquiry. One is learning how to ask meaningful questions.

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