Learn About Life Cycles

There's so activities you can do with your students as they learn about the apple life cycle. I've combined a life cycle PowerPoint with bunches of other activities. These are fun for any elementary grade level.

1. Apple life cycle PowerPoint - Take the students step-by-step through the life cycle. And, learn about Johnny Appleseed. I've included vocabulary, too.

2. Graphing - Students can graph their favorite variety of apple. I was so surprised at how many varieties there are! And, they can graph their favorite way to eat apples.

3. Play games - I've provided you with and apple games for your centers.

4. Let's cook - You have to cook apples if you're learning about apples!

5. Investigations - Use different measurements to learn more about apples. Do apples sink or float in water? How many seeds are in my apple? How much does my apple weigh?


Flippin' Out With Flipbooks

This blog posts is a tutorial in learning how to create flipbooks.

I love to use flipbooks with my students. They are so easy to create and the students love them. Using this interactive activity is perfect for the beginning of the year.

This blog posts is a tutorial in learning how to create flipbooks.

This blog posts is a tutorial in learning how to create flipbooks.

Try an "All About Me" flipbook. This icebreaker gives students an opportunity to write about themselves as they create the fun flipbook. Use color paper or print in black and white so students can color their own booklets. Then, just trim just below your categories. I love using different fonts to distinguish each category.

This blog posts is a tutorial in learning how to create flipbooks.

Flipbooks can be used for biographies, countries, book reports, animal research and so much more. I would love to get ideas from you.


Friday Feature

Today, I'm featuring Stacy Pearson from Teacher's Take-Out. Stacy is a blogger friend and is a member of different collaborative groups. She is a former teacher who now concentrates on tutoring children and selling her amazing products.

"A Menu of ideas, lessons and activities to take-out and bring into the classroom"

Stacy sells through her blog and Teachers Pay Teachers. In fact, she just had a Freebie featured in the TPT newsletter. If you visit her store, you'll see fun task cards for your math and literacy centers, games and learning posters for your classroom.

Her product "Table Team Jobs" may look familiar. Teachers Pay Teachers recently featured "Table Team Jobs" in its weekly newsletter. Table Team Jobs is perfect for building your class community. Teams are set and there's no arguing! Jobs include: material manager, data collector, reporter, assistant and vacation. Job descriptions are given and no students are left out.

I love Stacy's "Number Ladders." She has combined five products into one complete bundle. Students use their number sense and problem solving skills in solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. These are perfect for math stations.
Another great freebie for the beginning of the year is Stacy's "Star Student" posters. Just give the poster to your Star Student or Student of the Week to fill out at home and bring back to school to share.

This is Stacy's BEST SELLER! When teaching writing, put these posters up in your classroom. They come in color and black and white. Students are given a choice of opening and closing statements to select from. Writing is guaranteed to improve!

So, if you're a busy teacher and you don't have time to create all the activities you need for your classroom, I would recommend you getting Take-Out from Teacher's Take-Out.


What's New for Sweet Integrations?

It's that time of year again! Some of you have already begun your new year. Many of you may even be teaching a new grade level. I've been busy creating products for your classroom to make your year a little easier.  Take a look at what's new at Sweet Integrations.

Beginning of the Year

1. Back to School Editable PowerPoint - Great for the first day of school and Parents' Night. You can add your own text.
2. Skittles and All About Me - Get students involved from Day 1 with these crafts and hands-on activities.
3. Read the Name Jar - Students will love this book and develop discussions about their names and how they may feel different.

Project-Based Learning

I love for students to learn through real-life experiences. My project-based learning units incorporate 21st Century Skills as students master standards in math, writing and reading.


I love all of the selections of mystery books available for young readers. I've also provided posters and graphic organizers as students learn about this genre.


I say BUNDLE UP AND SAVE! I've bundled and discounted my math games, graphic organizers, project-based learning units and life cycles. 

Look for these units when you visit my store. 

Make sure to drop by during TPT's HUGE Back to School Sale on August 3-4. Type "BTS15" at checkout to receive your discount.

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