Learn About Life Cycles

There's so activities you can do with your students as they learn about the apple life cycle. I've combined a life cycle PowerPoint with bunches of other activities. These are fun for any elementary grade level.

1. Apple life cycle PowerPoint - Take the students step-by-step through the life cycle. And, learn about Johnny Appleseed. I've included vocabulary, too.

2. Graphing - Students can graph their favorite variety of apple. I was so surprised at how many varieties there are! And, they can graph their favorite way to eat apples.

3. Play games - I've provided you with and apple games for your centers.

4. Let's cook - You have to cook apples if you're learning about apples!

5. Investigations - Use different measurements to learn more about apples. Do apples sink or float in water? How many seeds are in my apple? How much does my apple weigh?

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