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Reading Current Events

Do you find yourself searching all over trying to find appropriate current events for your students? Are you searching for news that is of interest to your students? Instead of having your students read articles in the newspaper or magazines, provide online applications or apps available for students to read. Reading current events and seasonal articles are wonderful introductions to reading informational text.

News-O-MaticI just came across News-O-Matic Daily Reading for Kids. If you want to catch your students' attention and introduce them to reading current events, I would highly recommend this app. It's colorful and articles focused on student interests. Each daily issue contains 5 articles. There are illustrations, maps, videos and images. And, there's more... students can take quizzes, play games and puzzles. The app focuses on third and fourth grade reading levels.
Wonderopolis Website for news articlesWhy do Snails Leave Slime Trails? Do Bats Need Maps? Can You Grow Candy Corn? These are all titles of articles on Wonderopolis. They are all so engaging! Each article contains leading questions, links to other websites, videos and highlighted words with their definitions. Students can even test their knowledge after reading the article.
Newsela Online News for kids

I love Newsela because the articles are categorized. The articles range from elementary through high school. The reading level begins at second grade. Students can even select "most loved" articles and then select their grade level to read popular posts. There are so many choices for students wanting to read informational text and articles of interest.

Dogo News App and WebsiteDOGO News is an app and website. It's filled with current events, news, and nonfiction articles. DOGO also has a daily news story and categories of news events. In the app description, it says that common core skills are covered. Articles are focused on science and social studies. Key words are highlighted and link to definitions. Places are highlighted and linked to maps. And, there are suggestions for lesson plans. I can't wait to use it.

Teachers can add accounts for their students for this news site by the Smithsonian. Students can choose topics and grade levels for their reading. I choose different grade levels for the pumpkin article but all levels were exactly alike. So, it must vary from article to article.

For a free sample of my Reading Informational Text unit, click on the image below.

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