Google Sites: Tool for Teachers and Students

5 Ways to Use Google Sites

I'm sure most of you have a school website where teachers are given their own class portal with different features. For those of you who do not have a school website or wish to have a more interactive alternative for your students, I recommend Google Sites.

1. I use Google Sites for a specific reason. Because I create products for my buyers on different educational online marketplaces, I put my online resources and recommended books on a Google Site. If a site no longer exists, I can easily delete the link. Or, if I come across a new website or book I want to add to my list, I can just go to my Google Site instead of editing each product. Click on these two so you can see the different between them.

Countries Around the World for Google Sites

5 Ways to Use Google Sites: Internet Safety

2. Google Sites is a great FREE tool for students to write, share and collaborate on projects. With higher level thinking skills a priority, students can add information to the same page while doing their research. Students can access their site from anywhere.

3. Teachers can use Google Sites for their personal portfolio. This can be used for teacher evaluations and more. My friend Jennifer Kimbrel with Tech With Jen has an excellent post about using Google Sites for storing teacher evaluation artifacts.

4. Teachers can embed videos for students to watch. Instead of students going to YouTube, videos that you create or YouTube videos can be easily added to a site.

5. By using the File Cabinet feature, teachers can store files for students to access. If a student is absent or loses a worksheet or assignment, students can just download the file from the Google Site.

There are many more uses for students and teachers. Why do you use Google Sites?

Here's a great video tutorial in learning how to use Google Sites.


  1. I haven't really used google sites for this purpose. Internet Safety is very important. I'll check it out!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Jamila. It really helps having Google Sites with my products.


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