Thematic Thursday - Animal Habitats

Today is Thematic Thursday and I'm happy to link up with Carla from Comprehension Connection. Because many of my units are informational text, I provide many animal units which include information about their habitats.

In teaching about animal habitats, it's important for students to know what they can do as conservationists. So many natural habits are being destroyed by climate change, pollution, deforestation and human habitation.

I have several animals I would like to share with you. With Austin as one of the largest colonies of Mexican Free-tailed bats, I've included information about nocturnal animals. This unit also includes activities about reading informational text and information about several nocturnal animals.


I love the book The Moonflower by Peter Loewer.  "When the sun sets, the night comes alive.
When the sun sets and the moon shimmers down, the night comes alive. Bats swoop, hawkmoths flit, owls hunt, and the moonflower unfurls for its one night in the moonlight. In this lyrical yet accurate account of nature at night, you'll learn how moths drink, how bats "see," how bumblebees sleep, how vines climb, and even how to plant your own moonflower." - Amazon

Activities and Ideas:
In my unit about Nocturnal Animals, I've included a PowerPoint about nocturnal animals, a flip book posters with different nocturnal animals and activities in reading informational text. 

I also have units on bats and owls at my store.

Take a look at this free activity I found at TPT.
I've created a Google Site which focuses on nocturnal animals.

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