QR Codes and Google Maps in Teaching Map Skills

QR Codes and Google Maps

Teaching map skills has changed since we began using Google Maps and other online websites and apps. I can type in a location in Google Maps and it not only shows up on the map, a photograph pops up with facts about the place of interest.

Google Maps Scavenger Hunt With QR Codes
A fun way for your students to learn about maps and famous landmarks (or landmarks in your city) is to create QR codes using Google Maps and QR Code Generator. It's so easy and your students will love this activity. You can present the activity in the form of a scavenger hunt. More advanced or older students can do this by themselves.

1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Enter the destination (ex. Statue of Liberty). Make sure the map is the way you want it to look when someone scans the QR code.

3. Click on "menu" and then select "share or embed."

4. Select "share link an click in the "short URL" box.

5. Now, go to QR Code Generator and paste the url from Google Maps. Click on "Create QR Code" and then "download."

6. Put your QR Code on a task card for your students to scan with mobile devices. You probably want to number the cards so you can keep track of the codes.

That's it! You can use this lesson for all sorts of Google Maps activities. You can even add questions or facts on your on your task cards. You can even tape or glue these on a laminated map.

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