Holiday Cookie Hop

Each year during the holiday season, I make my famous (at least to my family and friends) almond butter toffee . I make so many batches of this recipe for friends, school, parties and my husband's barber. Sam's barber actually hides the toffee from his family so he doesn't have to share it. The recipe can be found in the Austin Junior League's cookbook.

The ingredients are so basic. You just need butter, sugar, cream of tartar, slivered almonds, pecans and milk chocolate morsels. If you would like to add another flavor to the toffee, just add grated orange rind and a teaspoon of Grand Marnier or Cointreau. 

1. Melt 2 cups (4 sticks) butter in a saucepan. Then add 2 1/2 cups of sugar. 
2. When the mixture bubbles around the edges, add 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar. Begin stirring and add 2 cups slivered almonds. I usually wait a bit so they don't get too brown.
3. Continue stirring until it turns a caramel color. It's important to make sure it's a caramel color, otherwise your toffee may be too chewy. You can now add your grated orange rind and 1 teaspoon Cointreau. This is optional. It adds a bit of orange flavor which I love.

4. Immediately pour the toffee in a large buttered jelly roll pan. You can use two cookie sheets but I make several batches. 
5. Pour evenly and spread with your wooden spoon.
6. Pour a bag of milk chocolate morsels on top. Wait until these melt a bit and then spread evenly over the toffee.

7. Chop a cup of pecans. If you have a mini-electric food processor, use it to chop your pecans more finely. 
8. Spread them evenly over the melted chocolate morsels. Don't worry if some of the pecans come off.
9. Put your pan in the refrigerator until the toffee hardens. When you remove the pan from the refrigerator, use a sharp knife to crack the toffee in to pieces.

Serve the toffee on your favorite candy tray. I give toffee away to my friends and neighbors, so I purchase cellophane Christmas bags to package them. I promise, your family will love you when you make this recipe for them. Enjoy! Just click HERE to get your toffee recipe.


  1. Yum!!!! I am totally going to try out this recipe next week. Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

  2. Thank you, Julie. It's so good and addictive.

  3. Such a lovely post, Sandy! I bet your hubby enjoys this recipe. :-) I boxed up the peanut butter cups and Joe forgot them. Now, they're hanging in my house...uh oh!

  4. Can you believe I've never made toffee? This looks fantastic! I am adding it to my list of new things to try! Thanks Sandy!


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