Newspaper Flyers for Holiday Math Activities

Have you completed your Christmas Shopping? Do you have a budget? How many people do you need to shop for? And, where will you shop? Have you looked at all of the flyers the newspapers have to offer?

These are all questions you ask yourself when doing your Christmas shopping. There's a fun website your students or children can go to in order to plan their shopping. (or imaginary shopping)

1. Shopping at Troy's Toys - This website has the toys on a shelf and students have to add the total cost of the toys and then discount. In level 2, students actually find the percent of the discount.

2. Most Wanted Toys - This has to be one of my favorite activities. Students are given a budget of $1000 to purchase gifts for friends and relatives. They can either use the websites provided or use newspaper flyers from popular department stores. Students love this activity. I always give prizes for the winners. (candy cane or chocolate) I've noticed that the link to the spreadsheet is no longer available, so I've provided one for you. Just click HERE.

3. Students can cut out coupons to complete different types of math problems. They can even cut out the ads and write their own word problems. Or, teachers can use the ads for:
          - percent of discounts
          - comparing prices
          - working with decimals
          - place value

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