6 Takeaways From iPadpalooza

If you need ideas and inspiration in using ipads and technology in your classroom, iPadpalooza is just the conference for you! It's held here in Austin every June. The conference grows every year and brings in big names like Wes Fryer, George Couros, Kathy Schrock, and so many more. Carl Hooker has done an amazing job in developing the conference to reach educators across the world.

I had the privilege of presenting on the first day of the conference. Over 80 educators attended my session to learn how to take Project Based Learning to the Next Level.

These are my takeaways from the conference:

1. May the Learning Be With You at iPadpalooza

I always enjoy the opening keynote. Carl Hooker and friends shared their own version of Jimmy Fallon's "Slow Jam." I loved it. You never know what skit Carl will come up with.

In this post, I'm sharing my 6 takeaways from iPadpalooza. Fun, learning, and collaboration

2. Inspiring Keynotes

I loved listening to the amazing speakers and authors. Austin Kleon is a low key, hip guy who lives here in Austin. His simple ideas can have such an impact on student learning! Creativity is everywhere. "Nothing is original, so embrace influence, collect ideas, and remix and re-imagine to discover your own path." I can't wait to purchase Austin's book Steal Like an Artist

I was also inspired by Cathy Hunt. Cathy is an art teacher and author who teaches in a 1-1 iPad school in Australia. She shared different ways her students have blended art and technology. Make sure to check out all of the resources on Cathy's website. Her philosophy of educational technology is, " take advantage of what these powerful, digital tools can offer." 

3. Connecting With Other Attendees

I enjoyed getting to know other participants at the conference. You never know what great contacts you may make. I am in a Facebook group with Anita Goodwin but had never met face to face. We connected immediately and plan to do more collaborating on future projects. Anita and her colleague Sandy lead a hands-on workshop on app smashing with Green Screen.

In this post, I'm sharing my 6 takeaways from iPadpalooza. Fun, learning, and collaboration

4. Apps for Deeper Learning

There are so many apps available for student learning. I made sure to write down all of the apps that can be used across the curriculum and multi-grade levels.

Some of these include:
- Kahoot 
- Apps for creating digital stories - Apps and resources recommended by Kathy Schrock

5. Developing Young Film Makers

Presenters received a special invitation to attend the student film festival. Alamo Draft House was filled with people to view all of the student films. There were 4 different categories. We voted on the finalists and attendees voted on the winner the last day of the conference. We were so impressed with the girls and boys in how they presented themselves during the interviews.

6. Everyone Joins the Fun

The second day of the conference is "Dress Up" day. Anita and Sandy dressed up as Nemo and Dory. 

I highly recommend attending iPadpalooza for fun, learning, and collaboration.

In this post, I'm sharing my 6 takeaways from iPadpalooza. Fun, learning, and collaboration

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  1. iPad Palooza looked AMAZING!! So cool that you got to meet up with Anita :) I would love to be able to make it next year!
    The Techie Teacher


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