Go Paperless With ClassKick

Are you looking for ways to go paperless in your classroom? Try this great app that can be used for your assignments, review, and assessment. I like Classkick because teachers can create the lessons, students work during real time and they can receive instant feedback as they work. Students can even request help from the teacher or from other students while working on the assignment. Classkick is an excellent resource for students who are too shy to ask for help.


Teachers can see the whole class working at once on his/her device and see how each individual student is performing. The students can work at their own pace within the app.


If a student needs help, he/she can ask for help privately on their device. The teacher can reteach a concept on the device so the whole class can see.  Or, a student can receive tutoring from another student in class. Students can even use this free app at home!

How Does it work?

After the teacher creates an account, there are several step-by step tutorial videos to watch before actually creating assignments. Teachers can then add their students to their roster. Screenshots can be added from your google drive, the web or images from your camera roll. Images can be cropped and rearranged to fit on the page. Text, audio and video can be added to the workspace and links to websites. Next, students are given the class code so they can complete the assignment and so their instructor can view their work.

I can imagine so many uses for this new app. Teachers can use ClassKick for social studies, math skills, reading comprehension, and review for tests. I love how students can get immediate feedback and work closely with their classmates.

Get in the game with the app ClassKick. Teachers and students can interact with each other and get immediate feedback.


  1. I am very interest to learn this course. can you provide Android online training

  2. I just looked online and I don't see anything for Android. Sorry. Maybe you can find something on YouTube. Thanks. Sandy


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