Seasonal Digital Graphic Organizers for Reading

For a festive way for your students to do their reading assignments, try using Seasonal Digital Graphic Organizers. With digital graphic organizers, your students don't have to worry about paper and pencil and they can save their work in one location. They can easily be used on all devices.

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I love the flexibility of using digital graphic organizers. Students have the opportunity to be creative with their work and use the slides over and over again. Digital graphic organizers are perfect for students with learning differences. Teachers and students can use choice boards for assigning the graphic organizer for the activity.

I design my digital graphic organizers with PowerPoint, then save the slides as images. The images are uploaded to Google Slides. For students to be able to use them, the Google Slides are shared so the students will "Make a Copy" to save in their Google Drive.

an image showing the prompt students receive with the text "Students will be prompted to make a copy to save to their Google Drive"

 With Google Slides, teachers can add additional instructions at the bottom of the slide in the speaker notes box.

"Teachers can type additional instructions" with a visual aide of what that looks like

By clicking on the Text Box in the menu, students can then draw a text box on the graphic organizer. Students can even add images and photos to the graphic organizer.

"Create a text box" with where that is located and how it will look

"Type information inside the text box" with a visual example

Teachers can give feedback on student work by adding comment boxes on the graphic organizer. This is a great way students can edit their work and get personal feedback from their teacher.

"Teachers can give feedback on student work" with a screenshot of how to use the comment feature to do this

For more digital graphic organizers using Google Slides, click HERE. (Scroll down on my TPT page.)

These graphic organizers include:
- Sequencing
- Mapping the Story
- Cause and Effect
- Cause and Effect (Characters)
- I Wonder
- Making Inferences
- Character Traits
- Problem and Solution
- Pre-Reading: Making Predictions
- Author’s Purpose
- Main Idea
- Making Comparisons
- Making Connections
- Story summary
- Favorite Part of the Story
- Favorite Character
- Using Senses
- Vocabulary Map
- Character Grid
- Reading Response Journal
- Choice Board Template

"Additional Digital Graphic Organizers" with three options; Christmas, fall, and spring

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Click through to learn more about these seasonal digital graphic organizers for your upper elementary students. Teachers will save time and expense in their reading instruction by using Google Slides. Allow your kids to collaborate on graphic organizers and use technology to comment right on student work. There are over 20 graphic organizers included for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade students to enjoy this Christmas season. Plus you can grab a FREE sample! Click through now.


  1. Thanks for joining in on our link up. It's so helpful having digital graphic organizers. Great post.

  2. I am sure that your students really enjoy using a graphic organizer on the computer. They look very colorful and engaging. Thanks for sharing.

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