Using Powtoon with Digital Escape Rooms

When designing Digital Escape Rooms, my goal is to present information in a creative and engaging way. Digital Escape Rooms involve collaboration and enable students to think critically and problem-solve as they solve puzzles and clues. I'm always looking for new apps and ideas to incorporated into the escapes. I recently used Powtoon With Digital Escape Rooms.

Title image Using Powtoon with Digital Escape Room

What is Powtoon?

Powtoon is an online animated presentation and explainer video application. There are free and paid versions. You can use templates provided or design your own. The library consists of themes, animated characters, objects, music and backgrounds. I like to use their templates because they can be customized. It saves me lots of time in creating my video. Powtoon has an educational plan which is very inexpensive.

Price image for Powtoons

How do I use Powtoon with Digital Escape Rooms?

1. Introduce the escape room. Use Powtoon to set the stage for the escape. You can use the animated video to give the scenario for the escape and as an attention-grabber. 
2. Give a clue or riddle. After watching the video, students use critical thinking or problem-solving skills to break open a lock.
3. Present informational facts about the subject. Instead of providing information on a Google Slide, Google Doc, or pdf, students can watch the video to learn about the subject.
4. Congratulations on completing the escape. This can be added at the end of the Google Form which contains the locks.

How do I add a Powtoon video to a Google Site?

It's so easy to add your video to your escape room. All you do is share your video link or html code.
First, select the size and copy the code of your Powtoon video after you "export" and "embed".

Image from Powtoon with the html code.

Next, paste the code in the Google Site that has your escape. If you need to adjust the size, go back to your Powtoon video or change the size within the code.

Image from Google escape room embedding the html Powtoon video

I hope you try these creative ideas for your digital escape rooms. Your students will love Using Powtoon With Digital Escape Rooms. Visit my Sweet Integrations Teachers Pay Teachers store to take a look at my Digital Escape Rooms.

Digital Escape Rooms are an engaging way to teach teamwork and cover important skills. Incorporating Powtoons into digital escape rooms adds another creative element into escape rooms. #digitalescaperooms #escaperooms #powtoons

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