Benefits of Using Google Slides for Morning Messages With FREEBIE

Do you write daily assignments and homework on a dry erase board or on your Smartboard each day? Do your students overlook important due dates or upcoming events? In this post I'm going to share benefits of Using Google Slides for Morning Messages and I'll show you how to create your own.  I've also included free templates that are easy to use.

Benefits of Using Google Slides for Morning Messages:
  • You can use a colorful theme that will catch your students' attention.
  • Google Slides can be personalized to best fit your classroom.
  • Google slides can be used over and over again.
  • Students become familiar with their routine.
  • You can add specific assignments you want students to complete while you are working with other students or taking care of daily classroom business.
  • By using Google Slides, students can collaborate on warm-ups.
  • By using Google Slides, students can access their assignments from their Google Drive at home. They won't have to keep up with assignment books or paper and pencil.

Create Your Templates Using PowerPoint

Example of a PowerPoint slide for morning messages templates

Decide what theme you would like to have on your templates. I chose a monthly theme so I can use them for a longer period of time. I also created some generic templates. Another idea would be to go with a long term unit you are teaching. (ex. solar system or oceans) I use Deposit Photos, Pixabay, and other free stock photo sites for my backgrounds.

Example of a Google Slides template for morning messages

What topics do you want on each slide? You can have several slides for your morning messages. You may want to create the text boxes and add the topics each day.

My Morning Message slide resource includes:
  • Date
  • To-Do List
  • Today's Special
  • Quote of the Day
  • Friendly Reminders
Other slides you may want to include:
  • Warm-Up Activity
  • Slides if you teach afternoon classes
  • Calendar

Example of a Google Slides template for morning messages

After creating your slides on PowerPoint, you want to save them as images. Then, go to Google Slides and insert your images as Backgrounds on your slides. It's that easy. Since your boxes are already created. Just add your text within the boxes and any other graphics you would like to add.

Click HERE for your FREE Morning Message Templates.

Click HERE for the resource with all 15 themes.

Editable Morning Message Templates. 15 different thems

In this blog post, upper elementary and middle school teachers learn about the benefits of us using Google Slides templates for morning messages. Teachers can learn how to create their own templates and receive FREE templates to use in their classroom.

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