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During this unprecedented time, we are concerned about the educational and emotional welfare of our children. Now that school is out in most states, all of us want our students to continue learning in a fun and engaging way. In this blog post, I've provided some FREE Digital Resources for Your Students to Use at Home.
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San Francisco's Exploratorium

Visit San Francisco's Exploratorium for experiences in art, science, and human perception. Even though the Exploratorium is closed, there are lots of online experiences for kids and educators. If you're looking for STEM activities, you'll find them here. Try the Science Snacks. These are low cost activities to do at home or in the classroom.
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Legends of Learning

Are you looking for math or science games for your elementary or middle school students so they can continue learning this summer? These games and activities are perfect for extension, differentiation, and reinforcement. Legends of Learning offers more than 2000 math and science games, simulations, and activities for grades 1 - 8. They are designed to support state and national standards.

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Sign up FREE for Epic to have access to over 40,000 eBooks, videos, and quizzes. This is a great way for your students to continue reading over the summer. Some of the books have the "read to me" option. If you're looking for books to teach nonfiction, you'll find a great selection on Epic!.

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Flippity turns any Google Sheet into a quiz, game show, timeline and more. I use Flippity all the time. It's so easy for you and your students to create quizzes and other activities for review. Try the random Name Picker or Randomizer. It's a great teacher resource. To learn more about Flippity, click HERE for my blog post.

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Here's a list of 60 FREE Website Resources to use during the pandemic.

Are you llooking for more activities so your elementary and middle school students can continue learning through the summer? I've provided different FREE website resources for reading, math, and science.

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