Review Decimals With Activities Your Students Will Love

I love teaching math activities with a theme. One of my favorites is GOING CAMPING. It's a fun way to incorporate and review important skills with decimals. This post will give you examples of review activities with decimals for fourth and fifth graders. 

Make sure to download your FREE decimal resource at the end of the post.

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Camping Theme

I chose a camping theme so students can be immersed in real-world math. They can solve problems involving travel expenses, purchasing supplies, and nature.

Activities can be printed for the whole group or used at math centers. I've also included Google Slides and Google Forms to provide a digital option. This decimal resource is also a great way to provide differentiation in your classroom.

Here's a list of the activities included in the resource:

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  • Decimal Games - Playing games involves not only practicing math skills, but requires students to interact socially. 
    • ⛺️Bear Hunt Board Game - Students change fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions.
    • ⛺️Going Buggy Roll and Cover - Partners roll the dice and multiply the number on the dice times the decimal. The student will the most covered is the winner.
Comparing prices

  • Making Purchases - Students use the chart to compare prices and to purchase items needed for a camping trip. 
Ordering decimals, standard form, word problems

  • Printables or Google Slides - Teachers have the option of printing these activities in black and white or "go paperless" with Google Slides.
    • ⛺️Ordering Decimals - Students will number the decimals 1-4 for each set.
    • ⛺️Standard Form - Students will write the decimal words in standard form.
    • ⛺️Word Problems - Students will solve multi-step problems with decimals and money.
Google Forms rounding decimals

  • Google Forms - Students use iPads or computers to complete this Google Forms decimal activity. Students round decimals in these multiple-choice problems. They are given a piece of the puzzle after each correct answer.
color by code decimals

  • Color Code - Students multiply the decimals by powers of 10. Then, they find the answer with the color to use in the picture. This is a great option for early finishers or enrichment.

color by code final product

Camping With Decimals Review Activities

More Decimal Activities:

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