Digital Escape Rooms: The Perfect Team-Building Activities


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Are you looking for the perfect team-building activity to begin the school year? You can build your classroom community with digital escape rooms and teach or review skills. Implementing escape rooms also gives you an opportunity to get to know your students and their academic level. Snapshots of a New Year is a fun way to get your students excited about school.

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Digital Escape Rooms are very similar to scavenger hunts. They involve students working in teams to use clues to crack multiple locks in a set amount of time. Digital Escape Rooms apply learning in a fun and engaging way. Your students will love them.


  1. Enhance team-building
  2. Involve collaboration and communication among students
  3. Provide a fun way to learn skills and content
  4. Enable students to think critically and problem-solve
  5. Include technology with Google Apps, websites, etc.
  6. Increase knowledge of important learning standards
  7. Deepen learning because students want to find information
This was a fun back to school activity for my students. They love digital breakouts and it involves collaboration as well. It is very simple for the students to grasp what they need to do and they love the challenge. It was a great way to get students back into the mode of learning, without it being too hard for them. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource! I will be using it for future years as well!"


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- Introducing a new unit or skill
- Review skills
- Holidays or special events (Back to School)
- Technology centers, stations, or rotations
- Virtual learning
- Early or fast finishers
- Enrichment
- Small group collaboration
- Alternative to worksheets
- Critical thinking and problem-solving

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