Incorporating STEM into Project Based Learning


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Are you looking for ways to incorporate STEM into Project Based Learning?

 STEM concepts fit easily into this framework of Project-Based Learning.
 Project-Based Learning focuses on inquiry and investigation which is necessary for STEM.  Students don't look for right or wrong answers in project based learning. They solve problems and face real world challenges. PBL fosters students' creativity and innovation to solve problems. 
 Reflection is an important component of Project Based Learning and STEM. 
“We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.“ - John Dewey

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• Addresses a real-life problem or challenge
• Includes 21st Century Skills
• Skills taught in different subject areas
• Opportunity for differentiation
• Technology integrated
• Collaborative approach to learning
• Student-centered

DESIGN A MINI-GOLF COURSE DESIGN A MINI-GOLF COURSE With STEM and Math - Children and adults love to play mini-golf. Now is their chance to design their own mini-golf course using math and problem-solving skills. This PBL math and STEM project allows students a hands-on experience involving math, writing, and design.

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Used this for an enrichment class. My students enjoyed building their own playable hole. We used the example holes to practice measuring angles, too.

This is an incredible resource - I love the visual aids to help students - I love the creativity and open-mindedness of this resource. Thank you so much!!!!!

mini golf hole

• Your students will love sharing their creations with classmates and other visitors.

• This Project Based Learning unit is open-ended so students can extend their learning.

• Advanced learners can explore higher-level math skills!

• Students can work in collaborative groups or complete an independent study.


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