As Easy as Pi with Lapbooks

To celebrate Pi Day, I'm sharing some of my classroom resources that help make learning a little easier. I love creating interactive lapbooks because students are always so engaged with their learning during a unit of study.

It's Pi Day and also my daughter's birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful 26 year-old. Mary Ann is a big girl now. I feel so blessed to have both of my girls living in Austin. Plus, she's no longer on my insurance! 

Lapbooks can be used by any age student and for any subject area. Unlike interactive notebooks, lapbooks can be used as a culminating activity after a unit of study. And, students have a product to display for others to see. 
  • Students can share what they've learned about a person, state or country, science unit and more... 
  • Students can be really creative in how they design their lapbooks. Or, teachers can make their own templates for younger students. 
  • I sometimes pair students together so the activity can be completed faster and stronger students can assist students that may need a little more help. 
  • There's so much room for differentiation, too. Your higher level students can take be expected to do more in depth lapbooks.

Here's a sample of one of my interactive lapbooks. I try to make my templates generic so students can use them for any famous person, any state, etc.

Enjoy your free product.


  1. This is awesome! Love it...thanks so much for the freebie!!! Happy birthday to your daughter, too!

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Mary Ann had a wonderful Pi Day and Birthday.

  2. Awe....Happy Birthday to Mary Ann! She's beautiful Sandy! We just completed our Famous North Carolinians research project. This will make a perfect addition to our unit! Thanks so much for sharing. =)

    For a Love of Teaching

    1. Thank you, Kim. I love creating lapbooks. Keep it for next year.


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