Thematic Thursday - Frogs and Toads

I love informational text and students love reading nonfiction books. Learning about the life cycle of the frog is so interesting because students can actually see the frog grow from tadpole to frog.

1. Books

It's sometimes difficult for students to tell the difference between frogs and toads. This simple book Frogs and Toads by Melissa Stewart helps students understand the difference.

Here's another nonfiction book about Frogs and Toads by Bobbie Kalman and Tammie Everts. The Green Frogs a great book for introducing nonfiction to primary students.

If you want to add fables to your study of frogs and toads, this cute Korean folktale is a cute read-aloud book.

2. Activities and Ideas

I love lapbooks and creating them is a fun way to learn about frogs. In this unit, I've provided a PowerPoint about the life cycle, an interactive lapbook with directions and pictures, and other math and writing activities. This product will be discounted for the next 2 days.

Grab your FREEBIE here. This is a sample from the complete unit.

3. Links 
There are some great websites for students to learn about frogs and toads. I've provided some excellent websites about the life cycle, videos and some cute games.

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  1. I love your book choices, Sandy. You always have such great tips, and of course, I love your lapbook. They are such a great tool for kiddos.


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