Let's Move - Raising Healthier Kids

Last week, my granddaughter asked me to help her create a PowerPoint about Michelle Obama. We read about all of her different initiatives which include Joining Forces (supporting military families), Reach Higher (college and career opportunities), Let Girls Learn (help girls all over the world go to school and stay in school), and Let's Move (address the challenge of childhood obesity).

Let's Move helps students learn facts about nutrition and the importance of a good diet and exercise. Schools all over the nation are accepting this challenge by educating their students and even planting gardens on campus. 

This made me think about our garden at home. My granddaughter loves to go with her grandfather to check on the vegetables and pick the ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Our family picks figs off our fig tree and we make fig preserves and pickles from the cucumbers. Harper understands the importance of good nutrition from our modeling at home.

I'm not sure if your campus has a garden or has a program for good nutrition. If it doesn't, I highly recommend going to Michelle Obama's blog called Let's Move. This week, she is paying surprise visits at schools which have gardens which support great hands-on experiences.

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