Online Collaborative Projects You'll Love for Spring

If you're familiar with Projects by Jen, you know that her online collaborative projects are highly engaging, simple to complete, give lots of opportunity for extension.

Online Collaborative Projects

This spring, there are two projects I would like to share with you. Your students will love them. Most of Jen's projects contain step by step directions and give an opportunity to collaborate or share with schools all over the world.

1. St. Patrick's Day Project - All you need is a box of Lucky Charms and tally sheet. This is a very simple graphing project in which classes share their results with other classes registered for the project. The purpose of the project is to prove that there are more green clovers in the box than any other shape. Classes are encouraged to extend the project by Skyping with other students. Teachers will submit their results before March 18. There are more activities for extension.

Online Collaborative Projects - St. Patrick's Day Project

2. National Park Project - Classes select a national park they would like to research. They select any application to share their information gathered about the national park. It can be a video, PowerPoint, etc. It is just required to be in a format that can be inserted into a Google site. Each class will also post on a collaborative Google Map and link it to their presentation. Classes are also encouraged to connect with another classroom participating in the project. Directions are given in using Google Maps and resources are given for locating national parks. I think this project would be an excellent Project Based Learning Unit. There are so many things you can do with this collaborative project.

Online Project ideas - National Park Project

Make sure to check with Jen's Project site throughout the year to participate. Your students will be hooked on these collaborative. My classes have been involved in the O.R.E.O project and the Holiday Project. Click here to see more of her projects.

Here are some websites that are excellent resources for online project ideas:

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