Election 2020: Exploring Websites and Activities

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The presidential election is right around the corner and there are so many skills that can be taught around the election process. Even though there's so much trash talk from both sides, there are ways to teach the political process in electing the president. And, there are some excellent websites and lessons that are available. I've come across several websites that have excellent online activities and ideas for teaching your students about the upcoming presidential election. Take advantage of these teachable moments surrounding the election.

1. Education World - These include writing activities:   If I Were President,  Take a Stand! What Are Important Issues?, and designing campaign posters. Other activities include graphing, political cartoons, and election term bingo.

2. Scholastic - Scholastic is always a favorite. This site even has an online poll, videos, vocabulary, candidate profiles, the Electoral College, and updated news.

3. Tolerance - This presidential campaign is unlike any other election. It has brought fear and anxiety to students of color, different religions, and immigrants. This is an excellent time to teach tolerance.

4. Newsela - Newsela has great articles about the election process and opinion articles about the election. Students read the articles on their grade level and answer questions about the topic.

5. The Learning Network - I love this site. Students can hold mock elections, make editorial cartoons, letters to the next president, analyze political commercials, and more.

6. Enchanted Learning - You can always depend on Enchanted Learning for excellent activities and printables for elementary students.

7. PBS Learning Media - This site is filled with information about the election process, party system, voting rights and how voting works.

If you are looking for more, take a look at my election bundle filled with activities about our government and the election.

The presidential election is a great time to teach your elementary students about the election process, duties of the president, and the branches of government. #presidentialelection #2020election #branchesofgovernement

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