Create Your Own Digital Escape Room With Flippity Scavenger Hunt

Are you familiar with Flippity? It's one of my favorite ways to use Google Sheets. You can easily turn Sheets into flashcards, hangman, match games, board games, scavenger hunts and more. It's also a great productivity tool for teachers with the random name selector, certificate maker, and progress indicator. In this post, I'll show you how to Make Your Own Digital Escape Room With Flippity Scavenger Hunt

Every teacher needs to know about Flippity. I've always encouraged teachers to use templates and Flippity has a huge selection. They make your life so much easier and you aren't reinventing the wheel. With Flippity, the templates are already created and then you can personalize them for your needs. Earlier, Flippity was a Google Ad-On. Because Google could no longer keep Flippity running properly, it is now a stand-alone website.

flippity choices

Steps in Using Flippity Scavenger Hunts:

1. Click on Demo - After going to, you will see the scavenger hunt activity. Take a look at the Demo to see how the Scavenger Hunt works. Students click on each lock. They answer the question that corresponds with the lock. If the student needs a Hint, they click on the light bulb. When the student answers the question correctly, they can open the lock.

photo of locks

photo of question

2. Click on the Instructions - You will be given step-by-step directions in creating your own scavenger hunt. 

photo of directions
3. Make a Copy - You will be directed to make a copy of the template. Save and rename the template to your Google Drive. 
photo of make a copy
4. Enter Your Own Questions - Without changing the format of the template, enter your own 8 questions, hints, and answers. Hints can be text, websites or images. Hints are also optional. If you want to accept any answer, just add an * in the answer column next to the question.

photo of Google Sheets template

5. Publish the Scavenger Hunt - Follow the instructions to get the link to view and share with your students. These scavenger hunts are so easy to create, your students can design their own. It's an excellent way to review or learn about a subject or concept.

Try this Flippity Scavenger Hunt that I created for teaching Digital Citizenship.

Create Your own Digital Escape Room With Flippity Scavenger Hunt. This fun review activity uses Google Sheets to create this fun escape room. It can also be embedded into Google Slide escapes that your create. Just use the Google Sheets template to add your questions and answers. Your second, third, fourth, and fifth graders can even design their own scavenger hunt for any subject area. #flippity #digital escape room #digital scavenger hunts

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