Tips in Teaching the Election Process in America

With the upcoming election, this is the perfect time to teach our students about our government and the election process. Whether this is a presidential election year or not, it's important for our students to realize that citizens' voices count in electing our local, state, and national officials.

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Election Process Basics

If you haven't used EdPuzzle, I highly recommend it. The videos are excellent and cover a ton of subjects. With EdPuzzle, your can add your voice, ask questions, and more. To learn more about EdPuzzle, check out this post on my blog.

Branches of Government

Learning about the branches of government gives the students great background information about the checks and balances of our government. Students can learn about the three branches and the jobs of each. This unit includes vocabulary, reading passages, a fun flipbook and board game. Click HERE to learn more about the product.

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More Election Activities

In this election unit, students will research the candidates to complete their bio and where they stand on issues. I've also included an online ballot using Google Forms™. Click HERE to learn more about the unit. Students use technology (Canva) to create posters, brochures, flyers, and video campaign commercials.

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Get the Facts

This is a great time to teach Media Literacy. Students need to be taught skills when they are gathering facts. Take a look at my post on distinguishing between real and fake news. Click HERE to read the article.

image with people look at various media reading "What is Fake News? Get the Facts!"

Digital Escapes

Digital EDUcational Escape Rooms are very similar to scavenger hunts. They involve students working in teams to use clues to crack multiple locks in a set amount of time. Digital Escapes apply learning in a fun and engaging way. This escape requires students to use a Google Form™ instead of actual locked boxes. With this digital escape, students learn about our government while solving a series of puzzles, quizzes, and read passages to break open the locks. Click HERE to grab this Branches of Government digital escape. Click HERE to learn more about Digital Escape Rooms.

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Additional Resources

Understanding the election process prepares our students to become educated future voters. 
Teaching about the election process to your upper elementary students does not need to be challenging. This post outlines five different activities you can do to help kids better understand elections, plus additional websites with more information are listed. Check out the information regarding media literacy, escape rooms, technology options, the branches of government, & more. Approved for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom and homeschool students. (second, third, fourth, fifth graders)

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