Halloween Project Based Learning With Math and Language Arts Activities

Don't get "spooked" during the Halloween season! Get your students under your spell with fun learning activities. There are so many ways you can keep your students engaged during this exciting time. Through project based learning, your students will learn math, ELA, and technology skills.

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Plan a haunted house estate sale

Project Based Learning involves cooperative learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Involve your students in working in teams on different activities. The skills they learn while working in collaborative groups are life-long skills they need in solving complex, real-world problems.

"You’ve received a letter in the mail informing you that you’ve inherited an old run-down mansion from a very distant relative. To your surprise, it’s the old haunted Smith Mansion that you and your friends pass by almost every day."

Before selling the property, students need to have an estate sale to sell different pieces of furniture. Students plan the estate sale and decide on the pricing of the items. Students will go around to find the best prices so they can purchase each item from the mansion.

writing activities

Writing Activities:

  • Write a newspaper ad - Students will write a newspaper ad to advertise their estate sale. They will need to be desriptive without being too wordy and give needed information to the reader.
  • Item descriptions - Write descriptions of the items sold at the estate sale.
  • Antique car for sale - Write an ad to sell a family antique car.
  • Write a letter to the principal - Write a letter to ask the principal to host a fundraiser.
Math activities

Math Activities:

  • Item Inventory - Students will set the prices and then what the item actually sold for. (There's always room for negotiation at an estate sale.)
  • Word Problems - Students will solve multi-step word problems. You can also have the students write their own word problems.
grammar activities

Grammar Activity:

Students will use the QR codes on the ghosts to follow the directions. The prepositions will then be written in the blanks to complete a fun story.

additional activities

Additional Ideas:

  • Google Maps - Use Google Maps to give directions to an estate sale.
  • DoInk Video - Create a video commercial for the estate sale.
  • Donate to a Charity - Students will interview representatives from a charity they would like to donate their proceeds.
  • PicCollage or Canva - Use these apps to create flyers for the estate sale.
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